Monday, June 29, 2009

Chelsea Is 21...

And thank goodness for that, I am no longer 6 years older than her... and no longer a cradle robber, haha. Two Saturdays ago on June 20th Chelsea had her 21st birthday. I wanted to make it a special day for her, so I woke up early (10 am) and made her one whole pancake. It took some calculating (cutting an egg yolk in half) but I was able to downsize the recipe on the box to make just enough dough for two pancakes, one each, and they turned out delicious.
After breakfast, I made the bed, did the dishes, and took out the trash....four presents right there. Luckily I bought her some actual things cause she didnt accept doing the dishes and making the bed as presents. I gave her running shoes, sandals, and a slacklining set, all stuff to get her out of the house and back into shape, we both need it. The day continued as we made our way to Corona for lunch with Chelsea's friend, Lindsey at the Olive Garden. The all you can eat salad was amazing as usual. Next stop was Chelsea's parents house where she opened up more presents.
Our busy day followed with a stop at my cousin Amy's house for her birthday/graduation bbq in Riverside. It turns out that my cousin Amy was born on the exact same day and in the same year as Chelsea, and almost the same city, just a few miles apart, crrrrazy. It was then off to Mexico Restaurant with a ton of married friends and kids for free chips and salsa and nachos (wait a minute, was it my birthday or Chelsea's, eh, doesn't matter).
We all then ended up back at my parents house for social hour and baby holding with a little foozball and singing to Chelsea mixed in. The party was soon over, though, for almost everyone there had at least 1 baby and it was way past all their bedtimes (9:00pm, lame).
However, this party was not over for sometime around 11pm we hear a ding dong from the doorbell and who else could it be than the newly born Natalie Jane Loera. Yeah, she was just born and somehow she got to my parents house by herself AND rang the doorbell, its like 5 feet off the ground!!! Oh yeah, Juan and Audrey were there too and we had a nice long chat about baby stuff and passed little Natalie around. She is a cutie.

Thanks to everyone that came and for the gifts for Chelsea, we had a lot of fun and Chelsea had a good time too. Happy Birthday babe, my life is so good with you and can't wait to see where life takes us together...hopefully its to the casino...and you win lots of money playing blackjack...and then you buy me an ipod...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thats what a hamburgerrrrrr's allllll about!

So for the last couple of months Chelsea has been talking non stop about her In-N-Out company picnic at Wild Rivers and she would get so excited just talking about it. Today was finally that day which means two things, 1) we finally have something new to blog about, and 2) we are as sick as dogs. Not only did they serve all you can eat in-n-out hamburgers (yes that includes double doubles, and protein style) but they also served all you can eat chili cheese dogs. Now, you all know how good their burgers apply that to a chili cheese dog concept. Yep, you got it, AMAZING. It was so hard to choose between a chili cheese dog and a double double...... I got both. And Chelsea and I definitely had too much to eat. I think between the two of us we had three dogs, three double doubles, two popcycles, a bag of popcorn, and many cups of soda. Now I know we aren't twelve anymore and shouldn't eat like that, but I mean, just look at that food, how could you say no?

However, the picnic was not all just fun with food, it also included waterslides and other activities. Wild Rivers has this really cool slide that spits you out into a toilet bowl and you swirl around it and then fall out a hole in the middle, it was pretty sweet except for the concussions it gives you. Chelsea was freezing the whole time, of course, but lucky for us we found the hidden hot tub in the corner of the park. We then headed over to the raffle where about 4000 employees were screaming their heads off to win prizes, such as big screen tvs, and xboxes. Our name was not called, however, the night was not a complete failure, for on our way out we picked up another chili cheese dog and burger. All in all it was a good time, thanks In and Out and thanks Chelsea.