Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's A.....

We knew it was a boy! 
We couldn't be happier 
We are excited for a little soccer player 
he is already practicing kicking 
by kicking me 
now we need to agree on a name

We have a secret

Baby performed
Stay tuned for gender reveal either late Wednesday night or Thursday morning

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boy or Girl???

Nathan and I find out the gender of the baby late tonight. We are so excited. I could pee my pants. But unfortunately I have to have a full bladder for the ultrasound, so I can't pee my pants. We think it's a boy. But we will be happy either way. Although I don't think our bank account would be happy if it's a girl. We tell our parents the gender tomorrow night so look for an announcement Thursday morning. SO EXCITED!!!!

What do you think it is???

Also I don't look 18 weeks pregnant in that photo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

July Happenings

Our July was kinda quiet compared to June 
It was filled with superhero movies 
Spiderman and Batman
a baby 
and dinner with family 

On the 4th of July I worked 
I know kinda lame 
but I was off by 4pm so it wasn't too bad 
Nathan cleaned our garage and guest room
we have to start organizing the house to make room for baby
We found old love letters that husband wrote me while dating

and our original Nintendo
We were going to find a firework show 
but I ended up falling asleep 
so Nathan went grocery shopping 
so exciting 
We ended the night by watching Independence Day

We celebrated Free Slurpee Day at 7-eleven
and they were delicious 

July 12th was the highlight of the month 
life as of now? 
you get the point 
it was my first doctors appointment 
and we got to listen to the baby's heartbeat 
which is super fast 
sounds like a horse galloping 
and we got to see the baby
I cried 
We are so happy, excited, nervous and over the moon to become parents 
I couldn't believe, and I still can't believe that I am pregnant 
Its crazy to think that there is a person growing inside of me 
and I am terrified to think about having to push that little person out of me in February 
It was amazing that we could also see the heartbeat 
We were surprised to learn that I was 8 weeks along 
I have a feeling this baby is going to be a late one 

We told more of our family members over the weekend
My parents joined us for dinner on their way home from Comic Con 
My mom was able to snap this cute picture which went on Facebook later that evening
making it official to the world 
since Facebook makes everything official 

Baby also received his or her first present 
it's weird to think that soon I will need more diapers and baby clothes 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What have the Fields been up to this summer

Back in June 
We had a little bit of a busy month 
but it was good 
we got great news 
and shared that great news with our immediate family 
so lets back track 
On June 11th after Nathan kissed me goodbye and left for work 
and I eventually got out of bed
and started to get ready for the day 
 a thought came in my head 
if I was to take a pregnancy test today, it would be pretty accurate 
so I pulled out the the cheap test 
and a few minutes later I was looking at two pink lines
thinking there have never been two lines before 
is this for real 
I thought about planing a cute way to tell Nathan 
but then decided to call him 
because I was still in disbelief 

so after a conversation that went something like this 
c: don't be mad but I remembered that today's the day we could find out if I am pregnant.
n: you took a pregnancy test without me 
c: I know i am sorry
n: was it negative 

It was natural for us to assume it was negative
over the past year I have probably taken about 15 or so test 
at first we didn't believe the negative 
because I was irregular 
like one month 29 day the next 40 
So i would sometimes take 2 test in 1 month 

c:actually i think it's positive 
n: really?
c: yeah there are 2 lines and there has never been 2 lines before 
n:send me a picture 
send picture 
n:Wife are you pregnant? 
c: I don't know, but it sure looks like it 

Over the next couple of days I took 2 more pregnancy tests and they were both positive 
since Nathan and I are terrible at keeping good news a secret, 
we told our parents that weekend 
we thought about waiting 
but the timing was perfect 
On Saturday, June 16th we told Nathans parents at the San Diego Wild Safari Park

they hesitated before believing us 
We video taped their reactions and eventually I will put it it up on here 
its funny to watch 

 Sunday, June 17th, which was fathers day 
we told my parents
they didn't believe us either
after all, I have cried wolf a few times (here and here)
after some convincing that I was pregnant they were happy for us 
We told my 86 year old grandma who suffers from Alzheimer 
"Shame on you" was her response 
I think she thought it was the 40s or something and I was an unmarried girl 
it was pretty funny 
each time we visit we tell her I am pregnant and get a whole new reaction 
it's kinda funny 

Monday June 18th was my last In-N-Out picnic

It was at a new location the Santa Anita Race Track
and featured carnival games and rides 
it was ok
the food was the best part

past years were better 
so we left early 

Wednesday June 20th was my Birthday 
24 sounds old 
I celebrated with a facial
love notes from husband

Indian food for lunch
some pool time 
and Benihana's for dinner

Husband surprised me with a gym membership 
(gotta get in shape/ healthy for baby)
and a dress from anthro that I used to have but ripped 

Saturday June 23rd, We met our friends Randy and Ashley for Breakfast
 at the always delicious Honeys in Encinitas 
followed by some beach action
sunburns and frostys 
We ended the night with the Jack Goldstein opening at OCMA
It was fun and sad to say goodbye to all of the interns and managers 

Friday June 29th we drove up to LA and spend the night at Erik and Jay's new apartment 
Saturday morning we visited The Getty

I told Erik and Jay that I was pregnant 
they didn't believe me either 
the video we have of them is also pretty funny 
half way through Erik turns to me 
"wait you really are pregnant?" 
It was a fun day filled with art 
yummy burger at The Counter 
a nap 
(I am pregnant)
pool time
and Photography 
We went to this cool exhibit on Rock and Roll photography 

On Sunday July 1st, Nathans cousin Kris gave us her special behind the scenes tour at the LA zoo

It was pretty awesome 
we got kisses from Asia the seal

went in the Elephant compound and saw some of their training techniques 
We feed Rhonda the Rhino

And a giraffe

We even got up close with some tigers

and a snow leopard

When we first went to the holding area the male tiger was chuffing (I have not clue if I spelled that right)

My sister Kaylee was too scared to go in because of the loud noise the tiger was making
they brought in the tiger cubs and mama to say hello to daddy tiger

before letting the male tiger out on the exhibit
The baby tigers were about a year old
and were pretty big
it was fun to see them play with each other and their mama
they would get up on their hind legs and press against the cage to get a better look of our group
it was so tempting to stick my finger in the cage and try to pet one of the tigers
but I figure I would rather have a finger than try to pet a baby tiger
the Snow leopard we saw was such a sweetheart

You could really tell that the the keeper and Asia the snow leopard had a good relationship
We also got to scratch some warty pigs

and see some tiny moneys
overall it was one of the best trips to the zoo

A big thank you to Kris and her fellow zoo keepers for such an amazing experience

The majority of these pictures are either from Facebook, or my phone so excuse the low quality 
Next on the blog July happenings