Sunday, April 12, 2009

Honeymoon 3 months later

Well I believe it is time for me to finally update our blog with our honeymoon pictures. Our honeymoon was pretty much amazing. We did a cruise to the Bahamas and it was great. It was my first cruise and Nathans second cruise and it lived up to both of our expectations. I loved how relaxed the cruise was. Everything was provided on the boat and our on shore activities were great. Nathan planed the whole trip very well. We only had a little trouble trying to get home since we were flying standby on a holiday weekend. But we did make it home after spending a night in a smoking room at a super 8 motel =( Making a surprise visit to my sisters apartment near Washington, DC and arriving in CA Monday morning instead of the Saturday night before.

The Atlantis hotel
I swam with the Dolphins

Dinner on the boat

Dont hate
Best New Years
Horseback riding on land and in the ocean

I thought DC was far from Florida?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

March - Month of Weddings

March is officially the month of love and lots of free food.  Chelsea and I went to a wedding every weekend in March with the exception of one.  This meant a lot of hanging out with friends and a lot of driving...especially when one of those weddings was at the Salt Lake Temple.  But the weddings were really good timing cause I just finished up my second quarter at UCSD and boy was it another rough quarter.  There were many a nights I spent doing homework at school, leaving my poor wife home alone.  I needed the break and I'm pretty sure Chelsea thought that I needed a break too.  The first wedding began with a good ol friend from Northpark Singles Ward...Amy Mendoza / McDonald.  We were hoping for some carne asada and tacos but I'm sure Chelsea enjoyed the italian menu that was actually served more.

The next wedding meant a 9 hour drive to Salt Lake.  I didn't realize how much longer the drive would be coming from San Diego, brutal.  And I only made Chelsea drive about 3 hours each way so I did most of the driving = lots of Pringles, beef jerky, and hot cheetos.  I think Chelsea was grateful for the invention of automatic windows.  Our first stop was to stay the night at an old companions house in Vegas, good ol Elder Buhl.  The second night we made it to Utah and I finally got some of that goodness, Cafe Rio, inside of Chelsea.  

The night was spent with Eric Veater and family which was good times.  It turns out that Eric lives literally down the street from the Rays in Kaysville so of course we had to make a surprise visit.  Bro Ray was not home but we did catch Sis Ray in the middle of her workout routine.  She opened the front door for us but made us wait 5 seconds before we could come in so she could run into her room and change before we saw her.  I miss them.  She finally came out after showering and took us on a tour of their new palace...two, TWO big screen tv's.  Since when do old folks get to have newer and better technology than the young folk.  Bro Ray is just too smart for his age, installed everything himself and did most of the remodeling work in their new home, its amazing.  

After an amazing lunch which Sis Ray was inevitably going to make for us before she even knew we were coming over, such a generous family, it was then off to Salt Lake for the wedding.  This time it was the wedding of a girl that Chelsea had made friends with on her study abroad trip to Italy.  We met up with two of the other girls she went with and their boyfriends and waited outside the temple for their grand exit.  

Then after a quick car accident on the way to the reception (not my car) and quick walk back to temple square we finally made it to the free food part of this wedding.  The Joseph Smith building is really nice and the reception was really fancy but simple (wait is that an oxymoron).  Chelsea liked it and she really enjoyed spending time with her Italy friends.  Being in nursery in San Diego really puts a damper on the making friends activity so I think the trip was good for her.

The night was concluded with a nice drive back to Provo to watch a band play (Aaron singing "Let's Get it On" p.s. your awesome Aaron), eating some frozen yogurt at Spoon Me, and then finally arriving at Jared and Lynette's.  We had a good time watching Brooklynn, playing with the cats (no kittens yet), playing Settlers, and eating some amazing chicken and rice.  Chelsea even had the opportunity to go into the almost freezing Provo river and take pictures of Jared and Lynette for their graduation.

All in all it was a good trip and Chelsea and I got to spend a lot of time together which hasn't happened a lot since the wedding.  That time will come again soon.  

Last, but definitely the least,  haha jk, but not really, but seriously I'm just kidding about kidding, no honestly, Lauren Birkett Hoover.  First off, I want to thank Lauren for planning the wedding around me, I mean, having Panda Express at her wedding couldn't have made me a happier man, your the best.  Lauren and her husband Jeremy looked great and enjoyed a nice little dance on the roof.  He then threw Lauren off the roof and we all went home with our doggie bags filled to the rafters.  Don't worry, I brought enough food home for both of us, oh and Lauren is ok too.  This wedding was good cause it meant that I got to see a bunch of my friends this time, especially the amazing Greg and Cori Shaw and Nathan and Keith Birkett.  Yeah, Kevin and Erin were there, they are alright too.

Well March is over now, which means my spring break is over as well and back to school for me.  There are no weddings on our calendar in the near future........Kevin.    Chelsea starts spring break next week though which means we might actually get some wedding and honeymoon pics up.