Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not a light house but still fun...

Yesterday I had the day off from work
Yes, I had a Saturday off without requesting it
So we decided that we would go to the Point Loma light house
Only husband didn't write down directions
instead he got directions to the non existent Point Loma hotel
So we ended up in Ocean Beach
Found a cool area
And at at Hodads
There was such a long line to sit down that it must be good
It was good
but I prefer In-N-Out
We also found some great vintage stores
Too bad we didn't have time to walk around
We had a primary party that we had to get to
But we are definitely going back

I wanted to eat inside the bus


We also went to Kevin and Erins wedding a few weeks ago

We went in with other friends and bought them
A tandem Bike!

We are so happy for the two of you!

First Day of School

My messy breakfast

Thursday was Nathans last first day of school!
I cant believe he will be done in December with his masters.
So I decided I would be a good wife and make him waffles for his first day.
They didn't turn out too well.
What can I say...we are just cereal people

I'm so excited for my first day of school

Nathan doesn't look excited for his first day of school

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am getting back into old habits
Bad habits to be precise
There is something about school starting
That makes me not want to update the blog
I feel guilty updating the blog instead of doing homework
But I dont want to update the blog once a month
I want to be more frequent
Like how frequent I was the last few months
We will see...

Before school started
my friend Jo
from my study abroad
and her boy friend Aaron
came to visit
We had a great time
eating Mexican food in old town
being at the beach
and going to Knotts Soak City
Come visit us again soon!

I even got some delicious gelato
I felt like I was back in Italy

PS. Excited for the new season of the office!