Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer is here

Holy cow it's June! Where did May go? This year is going by fast and I feel like I haven't accomplished any of my goals. In fact this time last year I figured I would have quit working at
In-n-out by now because of a new addition to the Fields family. Well Nathan and I are still waiting for that addition to come and when it does we will be over the moon. But until then things are getting a little sad. Like Mothers day. The one day you are hoping to find out that you get to join the amazing ranks of motherhood and instead mother nature sends a different gift. Seriously it was like getting a slap in the face. But June brings new hopes that it will be a better month. After all it is my birthday month and I have my first infertility appointment at the end of the month. Hopefully I will get to cancel that appointment because I won't need it. Our summer is wide open so I am excited to see what happens.