Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Diana

For Christmas
I got a Diana F+
From Nathans Parents
(Thank You Again!)
I took it on our trip to San Francisco
It was my first time using the camera
and it was my first time using 120 medium format film
So I was not expecting much out of my first roll of film
Only 3 pictures turned out
only 2 of them were printable

The above photo is a double exposure...
A result of me not winding the film properly
I don't know what the image on the left is
but on the right is the Santa Barbra Mission

This photo is of one of the painted ladies in San Francisco
Its pretty distorted in a neat way
After a nice chat with my dad
the photographer
I realized what I did wrong with the rest of the pictures
I am now ready for round 2....
I think

Monday, January 11, 2010

Anniversary Fun

I didn't take any pictures during Christmas
so I only have a few pictures
of me and Nathans family
Nathan and I also celebrated our 1st Anniversary
We took HWY 1 up to San Francisco
and it was AMAZING!
We stayed in Santa Monica, Pismo Beach and Monterey.
Everyone should take this trip and enjoy the ride.

In our hotel in Santa Monica

Nathan and the crowd

Our Anniversary Dinner at Benihanas

Santa Monica Pier

Nathan and Me on top of my Brothers apartment with the view of downtown LA in the back

At the Getty Villa

It reminded me of Italy

Someone depressed?


Some of the statues were iron casts of ones I saw in Italy

My cute Husband

Trying to take pictures while driving

Santa Barbra mission

In 4th grade
I did my mission report on Santa Barbra
and dressed up as a Native American
When I presented my report
So we had to stop and visit the mission!

This picture makes me laugh

Human Chess?

Morrow Bay

Hearst Castle

Can I go Swimming?


I love this pool

See the flags
there from Siena, Italy
there contrada flags
I felt so smart for knowing what they were :P

Indoor Pool

Elephant Seals

A cool looking bridge

Another view

Another cool bridge

Our room in Monterey

Catching the train

Some Morning Reading

Cannery Row


Jelly Fish!

Gates of Hell at Stanford

Silly Husband

Painted Ladies

Nathans New Shoes and the painted ladies

Pretty house

I want to live in a cute house like this

For New Years Eve we met up with Locke and Katie and little Armanie
Nathan going to prom with Locke and Armanie
Thanks for having us!
It was a great time!

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to see what 2010 brings us!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Im not bragging...

Today at work
I took the order
of the guitarist of
(He is the one on the far right)

and in case your wondering
he ordered a
with grilled onions
I never would have known who he was
if one of the guys I work with
didn't ask him if he was in Switchfoot.