Monday, November 28, 2011

London calling

We have started planing our trip to England and Ireland. I am super excited. It's going to be hard picking and choosing what to see. but I am excited to explore with Nathan. So far we have booked our hotel in Dublin which was free thanks to my internship.
We still have a lot to renewing my passport in my married name. But I am excited!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A little surprised

Today Nathan and I asked our Sunday school class of seven year-olds what they wanted for Christmas, their reply:

iPod touch and iPhone


What happened to Barbies and race cars?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a spooktacular night. Nathan has a soccer game and I am working so we celebrated over the weekend with 4 Halloween events in 2 days! I was Sherlock Holmes and Nathan was Cameron from Ferris Bueller's day off

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Come one come all...

This Thursday at 1pm, I am giving the public tour at the orange county museum of art. Come if you like conceptual art, come if you don't, just as long as you participate nicely in my tour you are welcome!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adventures of the babysitter continue...

Nathan and I are all done babysitting 
overall it was pretty fun 
and crazy at the same time 
would we do it again yes 
for more than 4 days no
We find that since being home I am still singing 
Hurry, hurry drive the firetruck, ding ding ding ding ding 
and Nathan still thinks he hears the baby crying or one of the kids
lessons we have learned:
1. Travel as much as you can before having kids 
2. Sleep as much as you can before having kids 
3. If you don;t like cleaning wait till you have are constantly cleaning 
4. It takes forever to get ready in the morning with kids 
5. Why are strollers so complicated

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome to parenthood

We are almost done with babysitting. The parents come back tomorrow night. Here are a few more lessons in parenthood that we have learned.

#1: the baby is very opinionated. First he wants eggs for breakfast. Then it's top rammen.

#2: even on Saturday the baby will wake up at 6:30am (no sleep for parents)

#3: parents don't eat hot food. You are always getting something for someone.

#4: don't plan on going to the pool if it isn't heated, the kids won't want to stay long.

#5: Don't break the baby's breadstick in half, he wants a whole one and will throw a tantrum throwing the breadstick with sauce on the wall.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lessons in Motherhood

Nathan and I are currently babysitting 6 kids. All boys. Let's just say I have been getting some lessons in motherhood.

Lesson 1: don't sweep the floor right before everyone gets is just gonna get dirty... especially after dinner

Lesson 2: child locks are amazing...especially on the fridge

Lesson 3: food and a ball can solve any problem.

Lesson 4: the baby will throw his salad with dressing at his brothers

Lesson 5: parents don't sleep in

I am sure I will learn more lessons by Sunday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am back!

Wow that was a long hiatus from blogging. Let's just say since graduation, my free time has disappeared which is odd because I thought I was gonna have more free time. Boy, was I wrong. I am currently working 6 days a week at In-n-out. Interning at a resort company, and interning at the Orange County Museum of Art in there education program. Lets just say I love Sundays. However in July and August we did manage to squeeze in some trips.

We went to Sacramento for free. (Nathan took a practice version of the state engineering exam he recently passed and gave his feedback. So the state paid for the trip. I wonder why California is bankrupt. While there we saw my friend Emily and her husband. I had not seen her since her wedding 2 years ago. We will have to hang out again soon.

I also got a new toy.

My neighbor hit my parked car.

We saw Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl.

We walked our cats. More liked dragged them.

We went deep sea fishing in Mexico and didn't catch anything.

And a month after my first accident, I got hit in the same spot.

It has been pretty crazy at our house.

PS: I have no idea how this post looks since I amusing the new blogging app.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Death March!

At first Nathan was gonna carry all our clothes and sleeping bags and I would carry the food...It was too heavy 
I want to be in the water
Last weekend Nathan and I hiked the Grand Canyon 
it was more like we participated in a death march
View from the top
it was an intense hike 
we left at 10am so it was super hot 
and I was carrying a heavy backpack
Don't be fooled by my smile, It was tough 
I almost died 
we hiked 8 miles down to the village 
and while we were paying for our camping fee I threw up
After throwing up 
It was probably heat exhaustion or dehydration
A much needed rest on the hike 
Nathan's parents reserved a room at the lodge
so while we waited for them to finish the hike
Nathan checked into his parents room at the lodge 
and I was able to take a much needed shower 
We spent the remainder of the first night playing games
and instead of hiking the additional 2 miles to the camp ground 
we all squished and slept in the lodge. 
On Friday we headed to the campground and on our way we passed two waterfalls
Waterfall #1

Waterfall #2
They were pretty cool 
After making it to the campground, we ate lunch and walked another mile to the waterfall Mooney
Mooney Falls= crazy hike 
We had to walk down the side of a cliff to get to the falls 
It was kinda scary 
After exploring the area at Mooney falls,
The shower

we hiked back up the side of the cliff
and went to a different waterfall
I jumped from this waterfall
At this fall, we can jump off the top
so that's what we did 
and it took me about 20 min just to jump 
I was scared

Well after 2 days of playing at waterfalls 
it was time to go 
my poor feet wanted to cry 
We started the hike at 3:30pm so it wasn't so hot 
but it was still intense 
and the mile of switch-backs at the end was a killer 
Luckily husband helped me with my bag 
Overall, it was a pretty good trip 
although I am pretty sore 
Cheez-it have never tasted so good! After the hike up
Yes those are my feet!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday celebration

Last Monday we partied all day for my birthday. It started with me shopping at the irvine spectrum. My sweet husband let me buy a dress from anthro. I also got a pair of shorts from old navey for a buck! Thank you groupon! At 4pm nathan got off work, so we went down the street to Wild Rivers. It was my annual In-N-Out picnic. We went for the all you can eat burgers and chillie dogs. Yeah, you should be jealous. 2 hotdogs, 2 burgers, 2 fudge sticks, and a bunch of fruit later, we were stuffed to the rafters. Being super full, we left the picnic for the happiest place on earth. That's right. We went to Disneyland for my birthday. At Disneyland was my sister and her family. They decided last min to go. Overall it was a great birthday. Well there was some bad news. The mission tortilla factory at California adventure is closed forever! They are turning it into Gherideli (however you spell it) factory. Lame! Besides that, it was a pretty good day.
 My mom brought me home some macaroons!
 Riding our friends tandem bike
 Thank you to my brother for getting me one of my favorite games
 Kaylee is a little scared on splash mountain, Can you see her?
 Failed at Buzz Light-year. I tried to cheat but it didn't work
 2 cutie pies

Enjoying some free yummy food

Nathan trying to eat both
 So Full! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy fathers day!

Happy fathers day to the best dad ever!
I am blessed to have such a wonderful dad!
I love you.
Ps: I did this blog post from my new iPhone

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mud Sluggers!

On June  11th
Nathan and I participated in the San Bernardino Mud Run 
It was intense 
and I was not prepared 
overall we had fun
Not sure what to expect 
Look at how clean and pretty we are 
What Happened?
Close up of our muddy goodness
 We were hosed off at the end (the water was freezing!)
 What a cute husband and wife we are