Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ryan Leaving = Awesome Goodbye Party

Last Saturday was the last time we will see Ryan Stouvenel for the next 21 weeks.  He left today for Georgia to start bootcamp and jump out of planes.  It was a sad day but it gave Chelsea and I an excuse to come home for the weekend and party.  And what better way to say goodbye to Ryan than to go powerwheeling.  

With the addition of my birthday present, Chelsea's barbie corvette from her childhood, we were now up to three powerwheels which called for guaranteed awesomeness.  Everyone got a few turns which included Matt Stewart, Matt Ewell, Juan, Ryan, Chelsea, Mike, Brian Durr, and I.  Chelsea even got to use her long lost toy once again and put it to better use.

Of course there were crashes.  What makes powerwheeling so much fun is the risk of crashing every time you take a sharp turn, or when you lose steering, or when a car drives by just barely missing you, or when your going 40 mph down a steep hill and one little slip up will send you flying face first into the street or a parked car.  

And you can't go powerwheeling without somebody getting hurt, thanks Juan.  On our last trip down the mountain we all met at the very bottom to pick up the powerwheels and go home.  The first two powerwheelers showed up in a timely manner and in one piece.  A few minutes goes by, and then a few more, and Juan is still no where to be found.  Everyone is too lazy to walk back up to see if he is ok so we send Brian in his truck.  A few more minutes goes by and finally Brian drives back down.......with Juan in the front seat.   Juan had lost steering, crashed into a two foot deep ditch, ripped open his jeans, and cut his leg very badly.  Now it was probably midnight by this time and Chelsea was exhausted.  I was ready to take her home so she could get to sleep, but after this happened there was no way I was gonna let that happen.  We made a special trip back to the Stewarts house just so I could see Audrey's reaction.  And it was totally worth it.  "Your not getting new jeans" was one of the first things out of her mouth.  Thanks for being tired, pregnant, grumpy, and awesome Audrey, you too Juan.  And farewell to Ryan.  See you in 21 weeks, the barbie corvette will be waiting.