Friday, May 8, 2009

I Heart San Diego

Chelsea and I are loving San Diego.  I'm so glad that the germans discovered it in 1902.  There is so much to do here and the weather is always perfect.  This quarter has been especially rough with our school and work schedules but we have found a few weekends and nights to go out. 

Thanks to Kevin for the longboards.  I just wish that I could have used it instead of walking aside Chelsea the whole time holding her hand.  Maybe we should just listen to crazy rollerblader lady and buy Chelsea some pads.  But then again, who even rollerblades anymore.  Now we just have to figure out what to get Kevin for his wedding.  We were thinking buying the store Color Me Mine for him...

We also enjoy when friends come to visit us down here.  We spent a day at Balboa Park with the Loera's and the soon to be Durr's.  We also BBQ'd some carne asada, Kevin wore Erins shorts in the spa, and ate a delicious mexican meal at Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town, obviously.

Lastly, your looking at the new owners of piece of furniture we like to call heaven.  You see, we would call it a couch but we were calling my old twin size bed a couch for three months and our new piece of furniture deserves so much of a better name than that.  I actually want Chelsea to kick me out of bed now cause it will give me an excuse to lay on it.