Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post-College Life

I know it has been a while since we've updated our blog but its because I didn't think you all wanted to hear about how much I hate Lost for not answering any questions or why I want Jack Bauer to be the father of my children. Ever since the new year, Chelsea and I have not really done anything exciting besides school and work. I come home from work everyday with absolutely nothing to do, no stress, no homework, mucho tv time. Chelsea is busily doing her sign language and math homework while I yell at John Locke for not explaining to me why he wants to leave the island so badly. Seriously, I counted the other day, I am currently following 15 tv shows right now. Its a great moment in tv history right now, final seasons of Lost and 24. I am also enjoying Flash Forward, Fringe, V, Bones, Parks & Rec, The Office, Glee, Simpsons, SNL, Community, 30 Rock, Chuck, and House. I know what you are all wish you could watch as much TV as me, I know, I know, but it does get old after a while. Don't get me wrong, I love being done with school but I have got to find something to do with all this free time. I did build a bridge out of toothpicks thank you very much. Also, I play soccer three nights a week, two outdoor teams and one indoor team so I still get my exercise in.
In other news, Chelsea and I put an offer in on a condo in Oceanside and it got accepted the very next day, yeahhhh. Its a two bedroom two bath with 1050 square feet (better come enjoy the extra bedroom before its gets occupied). We are super excited to live 10 min from Chelsea's school and to cut my commute to work in half. Plus we are going to be about 2 miles from the beach. The condo is right off the 5 freeway in between the 76 and the 78. We will miss living in La Jolla but look forward to being able to paint and decorate our new place however we want. We are going to have to buy all the appliances but thanks to Schwarzenegger and Obama's first time home buyers tax credits, the government will be buying our appliances for us with money to spare. We are on the second floor which Chelsea likes because she feels safer on the second floor but what she is forgetting about is Spiderman wanna be burglars. She's gonna have nightmares tonight now. There is also a community pool, spa, gym, clubhouse and tennis court which means HOA fees, bleh. Its cool though cause our total monthly mortgage is barely higher than the amount we pay for rent right now, except now we get something out of it. Here are just a few pictures of the new place:
Escrow has not been finalized and we are currently waiting to see if the seller will lower the price to the appraised value that we just received, but if all goes well we hope to close and start moving in on May 21-22. So if anyone owns a truck or has two hands, maybe a charitable heart too, and would love to help lift heavy things than come on down.
Lastly, I will be having a graduation party on Saturday June 12, hopefully at our new place in Oceanside and all are welcome to come. I will provide more info as the date gets closer.