Friday, July 1, 2011

Death March!

At first Nathan was gonna carry all our clothes and sleeping bags and I would carry the food...It was too heavy 
I want to be in the water
Last weekend Nathan and I hiked the Grand Canyon 
it was more like we participated in a death march
View from the top
it was an intense hike 
we left at 10am so it was super hot 
and I was carrying a heavy backpack
Don't be fooled by my smile, It was tough 
I almost died 
we hiked 8 miles down to the village 
and while we were paying for our camping fee I threw up
After throwing up 
It was probably heat exhaustion or dehydration
A much needed rest on the hike 
Nathan's parents reserved a room at the lodge
so while we waited for them to finish the hike
Nathan checked into his parents room at the lodge 
and I was able to take a much needed shower 
We spent the remainder of the first night playing games
and instead of hiking the additional 2 miles to the camp ground 
we all squished and slept in the lodge. 
On Friday we headed to the campground and on our way we passed two waterfalls
Waterfall #1

Waterfall #2
They were pretty cool 
After making it to the campground, we ate lunch and walked another mile to the waterfall Mooney
Mooney Falls= crazy hike 
We had to walk down the side of a cliff to get to the falls 
It was kinda scary 
After exploring the area at Mooney falls,
The shower

we hiked back up the side of the cliff
and went to a different waterfall
I jumped from this waterfall
At this fall, we can jump off the top
so that's what we did 
and it took me about 20 min just to jump 
I was scared

Well after 2 days of playing at waterfalls 
it was time to go 
my poor feet wanted to cry 
We started the hike at 3:30pm so it wasn't so hot 
but it was still intense 
and the mile of switch-backs at the end was a killer 
Luckily husband helped me with my bag 
Overall, it was a pretty good trip 
although I am pretty sore 
Cheez-it have never tasted so good! After the hike up
Yes those are my feet!