Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Back in August 
we did the now bi-yearly 
(does that mean every other year?)
trip to Catalina with Nathans family 
It was a great time 
and relaxing like always 
This year they had paddle boards that were a lot of fun 
I enjoyed just laying out on one like a mini raft
I also enjoyed trying to tip people off of their paddle boards 
We conquered the rock wall 
played games 
ate a ton of food 
but in my case a ton of veggies and fruit that I don't normally get 
and had fun being with the family. 
It was especially fun playing with our nieces 
those girls are cute 
and love my little pony 
We are excited for when our little baby boy gets to go 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Moon

My laptop charger broke and I just got the replacement today so I can finally blog again. (all the pictures were on my laptop) 

Everyone and their mom has told Nathan and I to travel as much as you can before you have kids. We have always been good about taking some sort of little vacation a couple times during the year. This year we have been a bit eccentric. England, Hawaii, Catalina, Santa Barbra, and now the Bahamas/Florida. Let's just say we really took the advice to travel to heart.

We have been wanting to go on another cruise since we did one for our honeymoon. It's kinda fitting that we did a cruise for our baby moon too. At the beginning of the year, we did a timeshare presentation where the gift was a cruise. (yes those things really do work) So we only had to pay for the taxes which was a sweet deal. We originally were planning on cruising in December when it's summertime for the Bahamas. But alas Carnival has a policy where you have to be less than 25 weeks to cruise. So we went for the 23 week mark. After finding a killer deal on airfare we were set to go.

So on Saturday October 20th, Nathan and I took the red eye flight from San Diego to Orlando where we then went to Port Canaveral to sail away on the Carnival Sensation.

We ran into a few hiccups at first. Like our room door being open upon arrival and a dirty towel was left on the counter. But we were able to get our room steward to come finish cleaning. Also, since our cruise was booked through a travel agency we were a little surprised to find our room only had one twin bed and one pull down bunk bed that had to be done by a crew member. Naturally I expressed my concern that Nathan would roll off the bunk bed onto me squishing me and baby so we were able to get an extra bed put in. No big deal really.

Can I just say how much I love cruises. So relaxing, no worries, and all of your activities planed for you. We spent our first day at the beach and market in Freeport. I love how warm, waveless, and clear the water was. It was a lot of fun. We even got baby a little shirt. Nathan and I can't believe we are having a baby and that he is going to fit in such a tiny shirt! Our second day we spent in Nassau. Unfortunately unlike the first time we came here the weather was cloudy and a little windy. We did a sail and snorkel adventure which was fun. The fish got crazy close to us. I could touch them if I tried. Nathan didn't like the fish getting so close to us. Our third day we spent at sea trying to run away from hurricane sandy. This made for a super rocky voyage our last day. It wasn't bad, but it did take my body longer to find my sea legs. We had fun watching ice carving, people doing silly games, playing bingo, and a little black jack. But most importantly it was nice spending quality time together and talking. It's weird to think that in a few months, our lives will change forever and they will never be the same.

After our cruise ended, it was off to universal studios. Why might you ask? Harry Potter World! Yep we paid $90 for us to ride 3 attractions and walk around Harry potter world. Let's just say I am a big fan. I was so tempted to buy baby a Hogworts onesie. We had great weather while walking around the park. However, right when we started walking to the parking lot we got caught in a massive downpoor. We ended our trip by driving to west palm beach to stay with Nathan's aunt. Unfortunatly, because of the rain we had to stay indoors and couldn't go golfing.

We always have mixed emotions ending a vacation. Sad because it was nice relaxing, talking, cuddling and just being together. Nice because we hate spending money and we probably spent almost $10 just in tolls in Orlando. But overall it was a great baby moon trip and I am so glad Nathan was able to get the time off from work so we could have one last hurrah before baby comes.