Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little tease of Ireland

I am finally going through our pictures from England and Ireland 
lets just say there is a lot 
since I haven't posted pictures of Ireland 
above is Blarney Castle 
and below is me getting herpes, mono, strep throat...
ok not really but kinda sorta 
I'm kissing the Blarney Stone 
and lets just say they don't wash it down after people kiss it 
Its probably the reason why I am sick right now 
some dormant virus that I got from kissing the rock probably woke up 
but probably not 
more pictures on the way soon eventually 
I am not gonna lie but I have a love hate relationship with my laptop 
so who knows when I will finish editing these photos 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A wedding, a funeral and a cold

Ever since Nathan and I got home from England we have been non stop busy. (i will eventually put more pictures of our trip up soon) We had General Conference which was great and then my cousin got married Easter weekend in Salt Lake. We drove up with my parents and stopped in Vegas for the night. We shared a room and decided that will be the last time we do. Sorry mom, I love you but your snoring is loud. The wedding was beautiful and I enjoyed walking the temple grounds. Since my cousin is a quarter Japanese she had sushi at the wedding. Delicious. She also folded 1,000 paper cranes which were beautiful. After the reception it was down to Provo to spend the evening with Nathan's brother. Thank you Jared and Lynette for letting us stay. Sunday was Easter but it was also somebody's birthday. That's right my hottie of a husband turned 29! No offense to anyone 29 or older but it just sounds so old. I think Nathan is not looking forward to turning 30 next year. We had a little Easter hunt and a birthday lunch before it was back to Salt Lake to catch our plane home. It was a short but fun visit to Utah.

The Salt Lake Temple

Grandma and me 
Nathan and Grandpa playing checkers 
Nathan and his cute nieces 
Easter Baskets 
Haley's Easter Basket 
Happy 29th Birthday 

While we were in Utah we received some sad news. Nathan's grandma had passed away. It was something we were expecting since her kidneys stopped functioning earlier in the week. Luckily we were able to say goodbye before we left for Utah. It was a bitter goodbye but we know she is no longer in pain and us reunited with her husband so that's comforting. Her funeral was last weekend. It was a beautiful service and Nathan's cousin put together a beautiful slide show and his other cousin sang a touching song. It was nice seeing all of Nathan's family but sad under the circumstances.

I love this old photo of Nathans grandma 

Now I finally have a normal week of work and interning so I can get back into the swing of my normal schedule and of coarse I get sick. Really body? I was just sick in February your doing this to me again? I thought I got my yearly cold over with. I probable picked something up at the funeral. Why is it when you are sick you just want someone to take care of you? Unfortunately Nathan is running the Ragnar relay from Huntington beach to Coronado so he won't be home until late tonight. Alas I had to take my self to urgent care this morning since I coughed up blood. Turned out I popped a few blood vessels in my throat along with a viral infection. hopefully with medicine I will be back to my usual self soon. I really just want to go back to the regular grind, work, intern, wifey duties that kind of stuff. I seriously don't want to go anywhere for a month. So that's my rant for the day…let's hope I am back to my cheery self soon.
my never ending pile of tissues 

The Kaiser office made me wear a mask so I wouldn't get my germs everywhere 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy April Fools Day

No I am not pregnant!
But if you remember this is not my first April Fools joke 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

England March 20th

Before leaving Oxford we drove around the city. Oxford is a busy college town with a lot of history. There is the university with its literary history and other areas with royal history. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth was exiled here when her half sister Mary was put on the throne. After getting lost around Oxford, we made our way to Blenheim Palace. The house was HUGE! I guess that is why they call it a palace. It is the birth place of Winston Churchill. There was an interactive story telling of the house that Nathan said he could have passed on. I thought it was interesting to learn the history of the house. There was a huge organ in the library room that a German prince played on, as well as some other famous people. Every room in the palace was ornately decorated and filled with fancy furnishings or oil paintings of dead relatives. There was a statue of queen Anne in one of the rooms and it was unable unrealistic portraiture because it depicted her skinner than she really was. Queen Ann had 17 pregnancy in 18 years and she outlived all of her children...that must have been tough. The gardens of the palace were spacious and peaceful. There was even a maze garden which Nathan and I kicked butt at. I think the most crazy thing about Blenheim Palace is that people still live there! Yep that's right. The 11th duke and his 3rd much younger wife live there...kinda crazy.

The Cotswolds was next on our list. The Cotswolds is a collection of villages in the country each with its individual charm. I don't know if we didn't go to the right village or not but it wasn't as great as it was made up in my mind. Yes the drive between villages was pretty but the tillages just seemed to look the same. Perhaps I need to spend more time there? Anyways, it was fun to explore the area even if it wasn't what I expected. We ate lunch in stow on the wold and had some delicious food. We looked at a few antique shops but everything I liked was SO expensive. We also saw the first Inn in England which is still used. It was built in the 500 I think.

We drove around the Cotswold up to Stradford Upon Avon which is the birth place of William Shakespeare. By the time we got there the attractions were closed but we were able to see the outside which was fine with me. From there we drove to outside of Birmingham where our B&B was. The nice place about this place is that they had a restaurant so we didn't have to go far for food. We were exhausted again by the end of the day.

Big News

So excited!