Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Jack and I have spent the majority of the day snuggling. It has been the best. We had a busy day yesterday and tomorrow is gonna be pretty busy too. So today we have kept it easy. Sleeping, eating, playing, repeat. Jack has given me such cute smiles which make this day even better. I love this little boy so much. And being his mama is the best. I keep telling myself to enjoy all of it because before I know it he will be crawling, walking, and telling me to get out of his room. So I will not put away the clothes in the dryer, I will not do the dishes, and I will not get out of my pajamas today because I just want to cuddle with my baby boy. And anyone who calls me lazy can take a look at their own priorities. My priority is being a active mother/wife. Because there is nothing wrong with spoiling my 3 month old with love and attention. And there will always be chores around, but Jack won't always be home, he is growing and one day I will be saying goodbye as he goes to college/mission. So I am enjoying my time with my baby. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Vote for this stud

I put Jack in a photo contest 
he is too cute not to share 
go VOTE for him every day 

3 months old

That is right
last week
this baby boy turned 3 months old
I can't believe it 
time is flying 
I am sad and happy at the same time 
sad, because:
Jack has grown out of his new born clothes 
he no longer is that little boy that would sleep on our chest 
and he is getting heavy for mama's weak arms 
but I am happy because:
he is smiling a ton 
sleeping through the night 
well, most nights 
and he performs tricks like 
rolling onto his side, sucking his fingers, and having blowout diapers 
maybe that last one wasn't a trick 
I would have to say 3 months is the magic number 
baby has a schedule 
a routine 
We have breastfeeding down 
and most importantly, I am getting more sleep
I still can't believe I have a baby
I keep asking myself where did he come from
it really is a miracle
My pregnancy was so easy
 labor and delivery went so smoothly
and I am already back to my pre pregnancy weight
that it doesn't even seem like I had a baby
But I am so glad that I do
Jack is such a blessing in my life
I love being a mother and getting to spend my days with this cutie
I am so thankful for Nathan's job that allows me to stay home

A few fun things that have happened
Nathan gave Jack a beautiful blessing on Easter
I kissed Jack not knowing I still had taco sauce on my lips...he cried for 10 min
Jack has peed on everything including my hair during bath time and his ear when I was changing him
this boy is a fish during bath time, he love to splash around
We have had multiple blowout diapers we just moved up to size 2 so hopefully that will change
this boy is smiling more and more and it melts mama's heart