Thursday, September 30, 2010


A few weeks ago
Nathan and I went to Catalina
it was a great trip
and I wish that I could go back
I need a vacation from school
It was a fun trip like every year
all you can eat buffets
rock climbing
I want to go back!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Premier Monday

Starting today

and the rest of the week

all of Nathan's favorite TV Shows premier

I think he watches about 15 different shows
maybe not that many
but it is a lot
this means all his free time will go to two things
studying for the PE
and watching TV
and I will be left to study
and hear about the various plots in all the shows
On another note
I am 4 weeks into my last fall semester
I am SUPER excited to graduate this May!
I am also excited for the new season of the office
I heard a rumor that it might be the last too

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Tube is amazing!

Have you ever had a random thought
you wounder where it came from
well I had the thought...
"I wounder if any of my old dance recitals are on you tube"
you never know right
so I decided to look
and look what I found!!!

I believe that this is one of my first years dancing at Freddie Finn
I don't know for sure if I am in this one
I have that costume so I assume I was
I was probably in 5th or 6th grade
and if I am in the opening number
I would be an aisle dancer
My brother and sister are dancing on stage...somewhere
I know the whole family used to dance
Thank you YouTube for making my night

Going Greenish...

Lately I have been taking the train home from school
(Nathan drops me off in the mornings)
So far so good!
I like being able to:
nap, study, do homework
(not necessarily in that order)
Now it is great that I am taking public transpiration
minimizing my footprint in some small way
(I am sure I have tons of room for improvement)
but really it is because I don't want to buy a parking pass
Not for a year
$300= 1 semester = $600 for the school year
I am happy taking the train any day than paying for parking!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother Dearest...

Today is my lovely mothers birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Thanks for being so great!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids say the darndest things...

My nephew Grahm called me last week with a question

Grahm: Aunt Chelsea I have a question for you
Me: Ok Grahm what is it
Grahm: Did you pop kid?
( I could barely hear him)
Me: What was that?
Grahm: Did you pop kid?
Me: Pop kid?
My sister Meghan gets on the phone
Grahm wants to know if you have pop a kid out
Me: Ha ha ha NO! No kids here
Meghan tells me that Grahm was talking about me:
Grahm and Meghans conversation:
Grahm: Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Nathan met at school
Meghan: yep
Grahm: Then they fell in love

our first date
Meghan: yep
Grahm:Got married

Meghan: yep
Grahm: And then they pop a kid out
Meghan: No they don't have any kids

Check out Grahms expression
Oh Grahm thanks for making my evening interesting
It was a funny conversation with you
You are too cute!