Monday, August 30, 2010

Date Night

This past Saturday,
Nathan and I went to the San Diego Temple
I was a great way to spend my last Saturday of summer
and to top it off we went to
Five Guys!
Now many of you probably don't know who Five Guys are
think of them as the East Coast version of In-n-out
I had my first five guys experience at the Washington Dulles Airport
Ever since I have found out that they are now in CA
I have been wanting to go
So husband and I drove an extra 15 min out of our way for these burgers

Husband loved that they had free peanuts
As for the wasn't as good as I remember
but still good....i think I prefer In-n-out
I have my burger down to perfection there
But husband liked his burger

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think I am getting old

So I just got off work
and boy was it an interesting night
I was outside taking orders on the hand-held computer
About 6pm a white Mercedes pulls up
Me: Hi How are you today (4 guys in the car)
While I start taking this order a school bus is pulling out of the lot
I start hearing girls screaming
"Oh my gosh! I love You!....more screaming"
Me: Wow you have quite the fan club
Driver: Laughs thanks
Girls continue to scream...The 3 passengers are laughing
Me: I'm sorry are you someone famous or something?
The 3 Passengers: Yeah he's a famous skate boarder (referring to the driver)
Me: Ok that explains the fan club
Driver: This always happens when we come to In-N-Out
One of the Passengers: Did you just move here?
I'm thinking:
Obviously since I have no clue who the driver is and everyone else seems to know who he is
I guess I am getting old
I don't know a famous person when I am talking to them
So I took Ryan Sheckler's order at work today
and I wouldn't have known who he was had it not been for the screaming girls

On another note I'm taking this other guys order
he says to his son: look it's mommy's name
Little boy in the car: Hi Mommy!
I can't help but laugh
Little boy: Mommy come sit by me
Driver and I are both laughing
never thought I would be called mommy while working at In-n-out
An interesting night for sure!

Josh & Chelsea's Wedding

Photo by Conard Photography
Last weekend Nathan and I were in San Bernardino

Josh and Chelsea got married!
Can I just say that I love weddings!
They make me SO happy
Nathan calls me Mrs. Smiley
I smile and sigh and try not to cry
Anyways... you get the point that I like weddings
Nathan's brother Josh married Chelsea On August 21,2010

We are so happy for the two of them!
Yes that means that there are two Chelseas' in the family
it also means....Double the fun!
Anyways the party started Thursday
I went to lunch with Nathan and his work buddies at Cafe Rio

yes if you didn't know Cafe Rio is in Cali now!
Then it was Chelsea's bridal shower
where apparently I know Chelsea the best
and I didn't take a single picture there either
Friday was setting up and a bachelor and bachelorette party

I will spare everyone the embarrassing pictures

Saturday was the BIG day!
It started with a yummy Brunch

The pretty centerpieces @ the brunch

The bride and groom to be

cute little Brooklyn with gma
I really like the two speeches made by the dads
Then we had to get ready for the temple
On our way to the temple that song
"get me to the church on time"
was playing on the radio
I thought it was funny

Josh sticking his tongue out before coming out the doors

After the temple came pictures

The siblings w/ the new wife
Husband and a lot to take since he was in the bridal party
While he took pictures I ate a burrito
I am so nice
Then it was off to the reception
and I was exhausted by this time
I almost fell asleep on the way to the reception from the temple
The reception was beautiful
My parents came to the reception too
and of course they took tons of pictures

Photo by Conard Photography
and a lot of me

Their cake was an elephant since they rode one together in Thailand

Photo by Conard Photography

Photo by Conard Photography
Photo By Conard Photography
Photo By Conard Photography
Photo by Conard Photography
Their car got was gross...
and now they are in Hawaii
Overall, it was a long but great day!
Welcome to the family Chelsea
We are so happy for the two of you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Nathan and I are in San Bernardino for the weekend
His brother Josh is getting married tomorrow!
It is also stifling HOT!
I feel like I cant breathe because of the heat.
I also feel like I am melting!
I miss Oceanside!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer School is Over so I can Blog

Summer school is over!
I am so happy.
Now I have a week and a half left until...
my last fall semester.
That is right...I graduate in May!
Nathan and I haven't done much this summer
Work and school=my life
Work and soccer=husbands life
but here is a little recap of what has happened....
June: IN-N-Out Picnic

Back in June was my works annual party at wild rivers.
All you can eat in-n-out and hot dogs

I tried the hula hoop contest and failed
And failed at limbo

Husband says I dont have a good limbo form

In July our good friends Matt and Wendy got married!

It was a beautiful wedding

Nathan enjoyed the chips and salsa bar
and I enjoyed the sherly temples

July also brought us visitors,

Greg and Cori came over on their way to mexico.

It waas great having you over

Now that summer school is over, I have time to put away clothes

this lovely pile took me over an hr yesterday!